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The Digital Coyote was born from years of parenting, storytelling, being a professional counselor, musican, punster, trickster, humorist, and unyeilding faith.

Telling Ghost Stories at the Bath House

As a Storyteller, I engage the audience with interactive and enjoyable stories for parties, events, holidays and special occasions. Try my ghost stories; stories for children or adults;

historic stories; religious events, or your message, told as a story at fundraisers.

You may have heard me tell at...

Dallas Heritage Village

Oak Cliff Earth Day

The Bath House,

Poor David's Pub

Half Price Books

Nursing and Retirement Homes

or the Sacred Tales Stage of the

Texas Storytelling Festival.

Chaplin Theater's, Spring Hill, PA 

Contact me to see if I can tell stories for you.

I am a member in good standing of the

Dallas Storytelling Guild, the Tejas Storytelling Association and the World Flute Society.

Playing the Flute on the shore of the Platte River

Playing the Native American Flute is one of my passions. There are many different stories about the origin of the flute, and there are endless possibilities for the melodies. Some can be slow and mournful while others are as fresh and lively as the wind blowing through the pine trees. At night in the woods, around the campfire, you can imitate the sounds of nature and you might even have the Coyotes come for coffee.

(One of my signature stories. ) 

I offer classes and individual lessons on the native american flute.  

Skype Classes and Lessons are now available.

Call for info. 214 564 0918.

I am available to play at events, special occasions, for hospital/hospice visits including the final hours and for funerals and graveside services.   

The Flute, played at a funeral service or grave side sets the tone for reflection, goodbyes and healing. The sounds of live music instead of recorded music makes a deep impression on mourners. Donations are accepted for Flute Services, with travel expenses as incurred.

Reiki Master

I provide a one day Reiki Class combining Levels One and Two with attunements for each. I limit my class size to six people for a more intimate and in-depth learning experience. I will also do these classes in your home for a group of your friends.

Participants will learn about Reiki; receive the attunements for levels one and two; experience and practice Reiki; and leave with the confidence to use Reiki on family, friends, and in their daily life.

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