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“Richard Nash has tapped his vast and varied experiences to extract the pure essence of traditional wisdom. He shares this wisdom generously as a practicing true tribal elder. Through his stories, music and workshops he has constantly surprised me with the depth and range of his insights and sage advice, which is always leavened with a bit of coyote wit. I am fortunate and honored to be a member of his 'tribe.'”  

Gene Helmick-Richardson PhD.

President of the Dallas Storytelling Guild

When Richard channels Reiki, he has brought amazing relief to me: my tension and fatigue flow away and my muscles relax. During the Texas Storytelling Festival 2013, I served as Managing Director and as a result was on my feet and “on” for many hours both before and during the Festival. I was exhausted! I had given Richard permission to “send me energy” whenever he sensed that I was flagging. I am convinced that I was able to successfully navigate the physical and emotional demands of that time thanks to his work on my behalf. I am grateful to be the recipient of his gift of healing touch. Thank you, Richard!

Reagin F. Hults

Gene Helmick-Richardson PhD. President of the Dallas Storytelling Guild.

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